Time for Technical Details

The Basics

The three elements that are needed for any show are as follows,

Good sound.

Sufficient lighting.

Good sight lines.

All three of these elements are very dependent on the show’s venue. However the golden rule of thumb is that if they can’t see it, or hear it then they won’t enjoy it. Following this simple rule is the best way to make sure that everything goes smoothly.


Nick needs a wireless headset for his performance (or if need be a wireless laveliere microphone) and a hand held wireless microphone on a microphone stand. The microphone on the stand can be used for his introduction and also acts as a back-up.

All microphones must have new batteries installed prior to showtime.

If music is being used during his performance then a CD player hooked up to a small mixer unit is needed. A technician to operate this system is also required.

For groups of over 200 people monitors will also be required onstage.


A wash of white light covering the stage is desirable, plus one or more spotlights if needed in the venue.

Colored lights on light trees etc. can add pleasant atmosphere BUT if in doubt make sure that there is enough white light to ensure maximum visibility before adding color.


Unless it is a very intimate show the size of the stage should be approximately 18 X 12 feet. There should be steps at one side and at the front of the stage. The stage should be as free from any items as possible.

It improves the show dramatically the closer the audience is to the stage. Keep the front row/tables as close to the stage as practical. There should not be a dance-floor situated between the audience and the stage.