Seven frequently asked questions.                                      

Does Nick customize his show for clients?

Absolutely. He is a master at it, and happily personalizes any show. It is a delightful way to add impact to every performance. 

Is Nick available for corporate and private bookings?

Nick is always available for bookings depending on his schedule.

Does Nick work with agents and producers?

Yes, Nick loves to work with the agent, producer or party planner of your choice. It is his preferred way to do business.

Is Nick’s show suitable for the corporate market?

Yes, it is clean, clever and funny. He is very comfortable working to large or small groups. His client list includes some of the world’s top corporations.

Does Nick’s show involve costly or extensive technical requirements?

No, a good sound system, enough lighting and a visible performance area are the building blocks to a great show.

Can Nick perform in a private home?

Yes, Nick has a specific show for this kind of booking. He is considered one of America’s premiere society entertainers.